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Tune: Luciferdansen – from our new CD with the same name

Our story begins on a summer’s evening several years ago. After a concert on an empty dance floor, Jane, Lars and Tommy met for the first time. Stumbling a bit at first, we began to play together. People began to gather, the tunes were brought to life and the dancing picked up. Suddenly we felt an instant affinity with the music.

Afterwards, we said to each other: we should play more together!

As time went on we met more frequently to play together. Inspiration flowed and Jane’s own music soon became the focus of the group. As she says: ”The songs come to me, often directly in their entirety. In addition, it seems that every song comes complete with a title.”

The roles of the group were gradually chiselled out: Jane plays the melodies, Lars creates harmony parts and Tommy fixes the chords.

People have long been asking if we have a CD. Now it’s here! We have chosen to focus on Jane’s own songs. The roots are in folk music, but with a personal twist. This twist is of course Jane’s own, but the entire group also takes part. The emphasis is on feeling and expression, tight interplay and a zest to create music.

Jane, Lars & Tommy



During my childhood we often played music and sang songs at home. At age nine I began to play the melodeon.  Together with my father Arne and my grandfather Axel, we had fun playing old time dance music. I became acquainted with the key fiddle in my twenties, which has since been my faithful companion throughout life. In 2017 I will celebrate 30 years as riksspelman. I am thrilled to share my own music with you, not least because my music colleagues Lars and Tommy are fantastic.



I have a background as a music teacher with flute as my main instrument. After many years in the symphony orchestra, I became enthused by folk music. Among other things, I have been engaged as the leader for the group Järfälla Spelmän consisting of 80 men and women, the popular folk music course at Ekebyholm and as a member of the Eric Sahlström Memorial Foundation. In addition, playing in our trio and the work behind this CD has given me new strength in developing my own music skills.



My previous musical experience includes a symphonic wind orchestra, a guitar ensemble and big band jazz. As a brass musician I’ve played in most genres before the curiosity of more genuine folk music took over.  I quickly became fond of the Swedish chord zither, unique in its apparent simplicity, but full of potential for expression.  To accompany Jane and be a part of her fine songs has given me an extra kick!